Wedding Planners Share Their Best Wedding Planning Advice

Wedding Planners Share Their Best Wedding Planning Advice />
Planning your wedding? You’ve probably been browsing through online publications, pinning your favorite ideas to Pinterest and asking your friends and family, and of course your fiance, for feedback. Professional wedding planners help streamline the wedding planning process so you can focus on your big day and not completely stress out. If you’re thinking of hiring a wedding planner, you’... read more

Best Wedding Flowers Trends in 2018

Best Wedding Flowers Trends in 2018 />
Newly engaged? Congratulations! There are many decisions to make before now and your big day and we’ve compiled a list of the best wedding flowers trends to watch. Your wedding venue and the time of year are both driving factors in the types of flowers you'll have. If you have an outdoor wedding, then you may opt for a more scaled-back use of florals and incorporate more greenery. On the othe... read more

Top Wedding Trends to Watch in 2018


wedding trends

Top Wedding Trends to Watch in 2018 />
Wedding trends come and go and each season has its own must have touches. We’ve monitored the top wedding planning publications in the industry and here are some recurring trends that are at the top of the chart for this year's brides! Planning your big day? Here are six wedding trends that are hot for couples tying the knot this year. Trading "Rustic" for Modern "Boho" Goodbye maso... read more

Spring Wedding Ideas on a Budget


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Spring Wedding Ideas on a Budget />
Spring is a beautiful time to get married and the onset of spring traditionally kicks off one of the busiest wedding seasons of the year. The weather is nice, flowers are in bloom and many people typically take vacation time during the spring. Planning your big day? Here are six spring wedding ideas that won’t break the bank. Choose an Outdoor Wedding Venue An outdoor wedding venue lend... read more

You’re Engaged! Five First Steps in Wedding Planning


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You’re Engaged! Five First Steps in Wedding Planning />
Congratulations, you’re engaged! The day you’ve been anticipating has finally come and gone and now reality hits - it’s time to start planning for THE big day! It’s time to stop staring at your ring and posting engagement pics and start preparing. Here are five first steps in wedding planning. Narrow Down the Date The minute you get engaged, everyone will be asking for your exact... read more

Seven Tips For Planning A Romantic Wedding

Seven Tips For Planning A Romantic Wedding />
Valentine’s Day is this week and it’s the second most popular time of the year to get engaged. Your wedding is the ideal time to create the most magical moments of your life! Here are seven tips for planning a romantic wedding: Choose an Intimate Wedding Venue Once you’ve chosen a wedding date, finding the perfect wedding venue is one of the next steps toward planning your romantic ... read more

Meet The Designer

Meet The Designer />
When Brides by Alejandre lead designer and owner, Jacqueline Williams, was a little girl in Kingston, Jamaica, she often heard stories about her grandmother "Aunt Lyn" ("That's what everyone called her") who had designed and sewed artistic wedding gowns for brides all over Kingston. As she grew up Jacqueline had one gorgeous example of her grandmother's artistry readily available: Aunt Ly... read more

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress


How-To, Wedding Gown

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress />
It’s the one detail everyone notices, unlike which shade of pink you ultimately, choose. The dress ends up in almost every photo, and since you’ll have to look at it in picture frames for the rest of your life, it really should be something you love or strongly like. Even if you aren’t entirely onboard with the frenzy that surrounds the selection process… you don’t want to mess up the de... read more

Bed & Breakfast Wedding Getaway

Bed & Breakfast Wedding Getaway />
Built in 1935, the Rock Cliff House was once the welcoming entry point into High Falls, NY.  It remains a historically significant structure to the small town of High Falls. In its time, it was used as short stay residence, tavern, and restaurant.  Many of the residents continue to express fond memories of its existence through the years and are looking forward to its revival. One of the ... read more

What About the Groom?


How-To, The Groom

What About the Groom? />
Only a man can understand the state of mind of a groom on his wedding day. People may think that brides have more worries on the day, but very few know that even men wait for this special day with bated breath. Unlike women, they are not good at expressing their emotions. It can get quite complicated, from deciding the date to the last dance of the evening, your job is to ensure the bride is ha... read more