Best Wedding Flowers Trends in 2018

Best Wedding Flowers Trends in 2018 />

Newly engaged? Congratulations! There are many decisions to make before now and your big day and we’ve compiled a list of the best wedding flowers trends to watch.

Your wedding venue and the time of year are both driving factors in the types of flowers you'll have. If you have an outdoor wedding, then you may opt for a more scaled-back use of florals and incorporate more greenery. On the other hand, you may be having an indoor wedding at a church or reception hall that begs for more traditional wedding flowers.

Once you’ve chosen your venue you may want to meet with the onsite wedding planner to discuss decoration options. Your florist will also help guide you and ask questions to develop a plan for your bridal bouquet, bridesmaids' flowers, boutionerres and decor. What are your favorite colors? What are your favorite flowers? During what season will your wedding take place? What style wedding dress will you wear? Each decision you make, from your wedding colors to type of wedding (casual, formal, etc.) will guide your overall decor.

Here are six of the best wedding flowers trends we're seeing this year!

Use of greenery

Beautiful flowers will always be in style, using mostly greenery in your wedding decorations is a trend to watch and a refreshing alternative to fresh flowers. Brides on a budget can also cut costs considerably by incorporating more greenery and foliage into their floral plan. Greenery such as eucalyptus and ferns also lend themselves to a simple boho look that is on trend for 2018.

Succulents as part of arrangements

Speaking of greenery, succulents are making an appearance throughout weddings, from table decorations to bouquets. They add an interesting focal point and texture to otherwise predictable wedding flowers and look great with many of the rich hues that are on trend right now, particularly the Pantone Color of the Year, Ultraviolet.

Locally grown flowers and weddings

In keeping with the boho trend, locally grown flowers and wildflowers are being incorporated into weddings, from bouquets to tablescapes and even on wedding cakes. Today’s bride is more aware of sustainability, and using locally grown flowers is an eco-friendly way to support local growers as well as produce less waste then using outsourced flowers.

Ultraviolet shades of flowers

As mentioned, Ultraviolet is the Pantone Color of the Year and this rich and vibrant shade of purple is making an appearance in wedding floral arrangements year round. Not only is it a stunning accent color in the fall and winter, but it looks beautiful with vibrant greens and other muted shades of green in spring and summer arrangements.

Wreaths and hoops

One of the most popular 2018 wedding flower trends is wreaths. Bridesmaids are carrying wreaths in place of traditional bouquets and circle wreaths are being suspended to create a visually interesting effect. The great thing about this trend is it's easy to personalize, whether you want to use more florals or primarily greenery.

Suspended flowers

In keeping with the hanging wreaths trends, we’re seeing brides incorporate very creative ways to hang flowers as part of the overall wedding decor theme. This dramatic wedding trend can add depth and elegance to an outdoor or indoor space and also has a practical use as it can be used to creatively camouflage spaces that need transforming.

Which of these best wedding flowers trends is your favorite?