Wedding Planners Share Their Best Wedding Planning Advice

Wedding Planners Share Their Best Wedding Planning Advice />

Planning your wedding? You’ve probably been browsing through online publications, pinning your favorite ideas to Pinterest and asking your friends and family, and of course your fiance, for feedback. Professional wedding planners help streamline the wedding planning process so you can focus on your big day and not completely stress out.

If you’re thinking of hiring a wedding planner, you’re not alone! Thirty-one percent of engaged couples hired a professional planner to assist with their big day, compared to less than a third 10 years ago, according to Wedding Wire’s 2017 survey in honor of their 10th anniversary.

We asked several wedding planners located in different parts of the country to share their best wedding planning advice. Here is what they had to say!

Number your rsvps to correspond with your guest list. This way if someone forgets to fill in their name you still know who rsvp'd.

Don’t forget to order lunch for you and the bridal party! No one wants a hangry bride.

Seating charts are hard. Write everyone’s name on a post it note. They are easy to move around and then you won’t forget anyone. Use paper plates to signify each table. Really easy and stress free.

This one is more for the ceremony. Don’t forget to take a minute and look out at your family and friends. They came all this way to be part of your marriage and support you and your partner.

Danielle DeFreest
Every Little Detail
Red Hook, New York

Pinterest is great for inspiration, but don’t get lost in it. It’s really easy to have way too many ideas - try to streamline your vision with a few key images that help convey your ideas for the big day!

Jennifer Matteo
Jennifer Matteo Event Planning
Sarasota, Florida

For planning, we love when the bride has selected her dress before we jump into the design process. It sets the tone for the overall feel of the wedding, so we can play off that to create the rest of the wedding vision.

Nicole Kaney
NK Productions
Red Hook, New York

When compiling your wedding guest invite list, ask yourself, "Would I take this person out and pay for their dinner?" Ultimately, that's what you're doing by inviting them to the wedding.

Kelly Dellinger
Kelly Dellinger Events
Nashville, Tennessee

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