What About the Groom?

What About the Groom? />


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Only a man can understand the state of mind of a groom on his wedding day. People may think that brides have more worries on the day, but very few know that even men wait for this special day with bated breath. Unlike women, they are not good at expressing their emotions.

It can get quite complicated, from deciding the date to the last dance of the evening, your job is to ensure the bride is happy. That means supporting her decisions regardless, fixing any problems that come up, and guarding her against anyone you know is going to steal her thunder on the day.

Have your say If you want something or don't like something, don't keep quiet about it to keep your fiancée happy. But don't harp on about it forever - once a decision is made, move on so you can enjoy the rest of the planning. Pick a few things that interest you (food, the wedding music, photos).

This is your wedding too, so get in on the preparation, give your opinion on the major planning points; it'll let your fiancé know she's not in this alone. And wouldn't it be nice to know a little something about your wedding before you attend it? Discuss with your bride whether your suit is going to be a surprise or whether you're going to match a color scheme. Most grooms are left to it, but some idea of what the bride is expecting is wise.

Make a to-do list for the last-minute things you’ve got to do: iron your shirt, shave, shower (properly!), and even learn to tie a tie. There’s no slacking allowed when it comes to being a groom!

No pressure with that statement!

Talk to your fiancé(e) before the wedding and find out if you have any specific duties to take care of the day of the wedding. You may need to let the photographer into the hotel room or help your groomsmen put on their boutonnieres. Make sure you discuss your jobs well before the wedding so there’s no last-minute confusion and everything can run smoothly.

Know your friend who loses his car keys at least once a week? Probably better not to make him responsible for bringing your ring to the ceremony. And your buddy who tends to drink too much? Make sure one of your more reliable (or sober) groomsmen keeps him from flirting with your fiancé’s mom at the rehearsal dinner. Your guys don't have to be saints, but they will have responsibilities, and it's your job to make sure they know what they are. It’s common for one of the groomsmen to be in charge, it’s always a good idea to make sure the rings are on the way to ceremony yourself – even if your best man is the most trustworthy man alive. Not even the fastest runner would be able to make forgetting the rings okay, so be warned!

On the day of the wedding, take some time out with your bride, even for a few minutes. It can be a little crazy with every minute planned out and everyone wanting your attention, but find a break so the two of you can just enjoy your own company for a little while. Task the best man and bridesmaids with keeping everyone away. On the morning of your wedding, when you and your bride are getting ready separately, it’s an excellent idea to treat her. Get her a little gift for her to open on the morning! What about a perfume that she can wear for the day? This way, anytime she wears it again, it will bring her back to your wedding day! The same goes for a little piece of jewelry, but be careful not to clash it with the jewelry she already has.

Another idea that is perfect is writing your soon-to-be wife a letter that she can open before she’s walking down to you at the end of the aisle. Fill it with reasons why you love her and your favorite memories that you share – it will be something she treasures forever.

Leave yourself enough time to complete your usual morning routine and to get fully suited up. It’s important to feel your most comfortable on your wedding day and to give yourself enough time to do that. You and your groomsmen will likely be getting ready together so be sure you all leave enough time to groom without overcrowding the bathroom or rushing at the last second. And of course, don’t forget to throw back a drink or two to calm your nerves!

Keep an eye on the time throughout the day. If you and your groomsmen are doing a fun activity the morning of the wedding, schedule it early enough so you can get ready without feeling rushed.

Every married man can attest that the night before the wedding is the toughest one. In case your raging mind is not letting you sleep, listen to your favorite music, take a walk. Relax and wear some loose clothing before going to bed, this will help you sleep.

Bachelorhood is fun, but there is nothing like the true companionship that marriage brings. Giving up your freedom and independence is what bothers men a lot. However, married life has its own perks. Once you have made up your mind for the lifelong commitment, there is no looking back. Just keep the above points in mind and enjoy your beautiful day with your soulmate.

Dance with your wife! You're married now, don't be one of those guys that are too shy and stands on the sidelines watching. Dance with your new wife and enjoy it.