Six Outdoor Wedding Venue Ideas

Six Outdoor Wedding Venue Ideas />

Outdoor weddings are a perennial favorite for couples who want a less formal and more personalized wedding, not to mention they can also be less costly. They can also be ideal for beautiful photography landscapes when Mother Nature cooperates. Here is a list of six outdoor wedding venue ideas:

Public Parks

Many public parks have outdoor spaces available to rent for special occasions, from the wedding ceremony itself to the wedding reception. Having your wedding in a public park is a budget-friendly way to have an outdoor wedding the big price. Just be sure to read all of the rules and regulations (you may need a special permit) so you'll be able to plan accordingly. And remember, a public park is indeed public so your wedding will be in full view of anyone visiting the park!


While destination beach weddings are popular, think outside the box, or in this case water, when it comes to planning a waterfront wedding. There are river and lakeside venues that lend themselves to a different sort of romantic and relaxed charm. These may also be more feasible logistically for your guests, especially if you don’t live near the beach!

Caves or Rock Formations

Think of a cave as cold and damp? Well, think again! In Kentucky, you can get married at Lost River Cave or Mammoth Cave, which is part of the National Park System. These magical venues are breathtakingly different. In Virginia, you can throw a wedding at the amazing 500-million-year old Natural Bridge, part of the Natural Bridge Historic Hotel and Conference Center.

College Campus

Many college and university campuses are like parks themselves, with historical architecture and beautiful greenery, gardens and trees. From the University of Florida in Gainesville to Stanford University in California, research possible venue locations at area institutes of higher education near you.


What could be more memorable than getting married on a bridge overlooking a city or riverscape? In Nashville, Tennessee, for example, couples can get married on the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge. It’s a beautiful and unique setting that also makes for some amazing photo opportunites! Conduct a Google search in your city for local pedestrian bridge spaces to see if they are available to rent for special events. In Redding, California, you can get married on the historic Sundial Bridge in Turtle Bay Exploration Park.

Backyard Venues

Backyard weddings are often the most sentimental location choice for couples as most take place at the bride or groom's family home.

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