Bed & Breakfast Wedding Getaway

Bed & Breakfast Wedding Getaway />

Built in 1935, the Rock Cliff House was once the welcoming entry point into High Falls, NY.  It remains a historically significant structure to the small town of High Falls. In its time, it was used as short stay residence, tavern, and restaurant. 

Many of the residents continue to express fond memories of its existence through the years and are looking forward to its revival. One of the town's historian, in a recent conversation, dubbed the Rock Cliff House as a past quintessential place for lodging and entertainment. 

Opening in the Fall of 2018, the Rock Cliff House will be an amazing property for destination wedding ceremonies.  Our lodging capacity will be able to accommodate up to ten people.  In addition to accommodation, we will be able to host your ceremony on our first floor or if you so choose, a tent can be provided for an outdoor function.  

A romantic wedding in a historic home, aglow with the flair of lovingly restored antiques, the luster of fine china, and the sparkle of silver. Rich scents of fresh coffee and homemade cookies sweltering. It's the picture most people conjure when they consider a stay at a bed and breakfast. And it's an accurate portrait.