How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress />


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It’s the one detail everyone notices, unlike which shade of pink you ultimately, choose. The dress ends up in almost every photo, and since you’ll have to look at it in picture frames for the rest of your life, it really should be something you love or strongly like. Even if you aren’t entirely onboard with the frenzy that surrounds the selection process… you don’t want to mess up the decision. There’s pressure to get it right.

Sometimes making a collage or board can make sense of what kind of dresses you like. You may not know why you want a dress when you look at it individually, but if you put pictures together of different dresses you want, you may start to see similarities in style.

I wouldn’t recommend overusing Pinterest, but it’s ok to have a board where you pin the dresses you like. Figure out what necklines and silhouettes are most flattering for your shape. Not everyone looks great in a silk sheath; not all venues are appropriate for plunging necklines; the beach is no place for a 20-foot long train. The Internet is an excellent resource to turn to; you can also search for your preference in dresses.

Now that you have narrowed down the unique features of your dress do a Google search of these elements for inspiration. You can Google phrases like “silk wedding gown” or “V neck wedding dress” if you have a sense of what you want your dress to look like beyond its fit.

If you get stuck in the process just give us a call and speak to our designer to help you walk through the process of a design, made perfect for you.

Then it would be easy to browse our online store and find your perfect dress. If your dress is not shown in our online store, don’t worry. Contact us to discuss your design or email us your sketch and we will create it for you.

Focus on the right silhouette for your body type. Don’t get too caught up in what’s trending right now, or what everyone else thinks you’ll look great in, just focus on what flatters your body shape the most, and try to stick to that. The shape that works the best for you is probably the shape that will also make you feel the most comfortable and beautiful in your own skin on the wedding day.

Be assertive about your financial decisions. You don’t want to agree on $1,000 with your fiancé and then change your mind when you “accidentally” fall in love with a $4,000 gown. Stick to your guns. There are gorgeous gowns in every price range, and spending less on THE DRESS means you can spend more on your honeymoon! Woohoo

Stop looking at dresses once you buy!

Once you’ve thrown your credit card down, don’t ever look at wedding dresses again. You will second guess yourself to death, and that’s one thing you don’t need to do when you have to make a million-other wedding-related decisions.

The wedding dress is something that everyone is waiting with bated breath to see… so no pressure, right? There really should be no pressure! Your dress is something that you (and you alone) should be happy with. It’s a reflection of your individual style, and it should make you feel like the glowing, remarkable human that you are!